300 Club

Friends of Shannon Court 300 Club.

The Friends’ of Shannon Court (FOSC) 300 Club is a prize draw run along the lines of the National Lottery.

The prizes are more modest, but the chances of winning are far greater.

These are entered onto a Quarterly draw where 52% of the income each quarter is returned in prizes and the remaining 48% used as funds for the FOSC, to support and improve the well-being of the residents of Shannon Court, one of our RMBI homes.



June 2017

£500 – Mrs Sally-Ann Whiting
£250 – Mr Peter Waight
£125 – Mr Chris Albrow

September 2017

£500 – Mr Andy Lynch
£250 – Mrs E Harris
£125 – Mr Michael Dillon

December 2017

£500 – Mr Stuart Tong
£250 – Mr T Rains
£125 – TBC
We had an extra draw for Christmas which is for a £1000 the winner for this prize was Mr Paul Haynes.


How does it work?

A modest subscription of £1 per week paid quarterly or annually in advance (£13 quarterly or £52 annually) entitles a member to one share number to be entered into the quarterly draw.

You can buy a minimum of 1 share and a maximum of 3 shares.

With the present membership, the prize monies are:-

£125, £250 & £500

Plus bonus prizes of £1,000 at the Christmas draw.

Download the 300 Club Application Form
300 Club Application Form

Note : As the membership increases the prize money is reviewed each year to ensure that 52% of subscriptions are paid out in prizes.