Aims of Friends of Shannon Court.

The objects of the Friends of Shannon Court is the provision of, or assistance in the provision of, facilities for recreation or other leisure-time occupation in order to improve the conditions of life for the residents of the Shannon Court care home that exceed the RMBI’s usual provision.

In furtherance of the above objects the Friends have the following powers:-

  • To raise funds for the benefit, welfare and care of the Residents.
  • Subject to the requirements and agreement of the home manager of Shannon Court to provide assistance for the benefit of residents.
  • To visit Shannon Court regularly to get to know individual residents, taking a particular interest in those people who have minimal or no contact with relatives.
  • To organise the visits of residents for social or entertainment purposes to help residents to maintain a full life in the community.
  • To provide for the residents social and recreational amenities outside the scope of the RMBI.
  • To encourage Lodges and other Masonic organisations and their members and wives to support and visit Shannon Court and the residents.
  • To assist residents wishing to attend Masonic meetings.