Annual General Meeting




SUNDAY 4th June 2017 AT 11.15 AM

Committee members attending:-
Chairman  W.Bro. Dr. Mike Robinson
Deputy Chairman
Treasurer. W.Bro. Colin Bryson
Secretary. W.Bro Robin Ilott
Membership Secretary
Hampshire and IOW
Home Liaison  W.Bro. Bill Pennington
Lodge Visits  W.Bro Angus Cameron
Fund Raising. W.Bro Andy Neill
300 Club
And in addition, Mrs Janet Yalden (Honorary Member), Mike Yalden – Independent Trustee, Dr John Reuther – Deputy Chairman RMBI, Stuart Wildman, John Stimpson, and some 15 FOSC subscribing members, Residents & Families were present.
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Prior to the meeting commencing, the Chairman asked everyone to take a moment to remember those who lost their lives in the Manchester and London bombings recently and coupled with this W.Bro. Mike Falkner the Deputy Chairman of the Friends who passed away in October 2016.
  1. Apologies.
    Apologies were received from the following Committee Members –  Graham Walder (Independent Trustee), Colin Campbell, Doug Fowler, Ian Greenep and Adrian Bean.Apologies were also received from, Stephen Jarvis – Provincial Liaison Officer, Carl Francis – Home Manager, Magda Kilian – Deputy Home Manager.
    As well as several members of the Association of the Friends of Shannon Court.
  2. Minutes.
    The Secretary advised the meeting that the minutes of the AGM held on 5th June 2016 had been duly circulated and had further copies if anyone required one – he further confirmed that no additions, corrections or alterations had been brought to his notice.

    The Chairman put the minutes as recorded, to the meeting – they were proposed for adoption and duly confirmed by those FOSC members in attendance.

  3. Matters Arising.
    The Secretary confirmed that he was unaware of any matters arising from the minutes.
  4. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts.
    The Treasurers report was circulated to those present, along with the accounts for the previous year.  The two Examiners, John Stimpson and Richard Floyd, had attached their report to the accounts and stated that they had both found the accounts to be in good order & had no hesitation in recommending them for adoption. The accounts were proposed for adoption by Mike Yalden, seconded by Bill Pennington and duly confirmed by those qualified members in attendance.  Mike Robinson thanked Colin Bryson for the hard work he had put in throughout the previous year in maintaining the accounts in such good order.  He also thanked John Stimpson for his help in acting as the examiner.
  5. Home Managers Update.
    The Home Manager – Carl Francis was unable to attend, however, he had sent in a report which was read out by the Secretary and is appended to these minutes.
    John Reuther mentioned that there were a number of proposed projects for Shannon Court, however, the courtyard was not one of them. Mike Yalden asked whether building regulations had been sought, to which John Reuther replied that Mark Nelson-Smith the RMBI Estates Manager, would need to consider this. The Chairman then advised those present that the courtyard changes had been discussed at the last Committee meeting, however, nothing had been agreed or approved.
  6. Membership and Donations.
    Doug Fowler was unable to attend the meeting and no report was given.
    There are currently 485 members of the Friends.
    The Chairman advised that the Committee were pushing Social Media. Visits & Presentations would be high on the list.
    There had been several significant donations this year, however, we had continued with a good level of income overall.
  7. Fund Raising Report.
    Andy Neill said the Garden Party was only a few weeks away, and everyone could help by selling raffle tickets.  The singer had been booked and would reside at the top end again opposite the beer & Pimms stall, with a seating area facing him.  We had lost a few Lodges this year, as inexplicably, a Lodge had decided to hold a Bar-b-que the same day at Guildford. Everything else was in hand.
  8. Chairman’s Report.
    Mike Robinson said it was now the end of his second year at the helm and he had thoroughly enjoyed everything thus far, and extended his sincere thanks to Colin Bryson and Robin Ilott for their hard work also.
    The Committee had continued to put on events for the residents and the recent Ladies Evening had proved a great success.
    The annual golf day was also a very enjoyable day, with the day raising in excess of £2000, with 21 teams competing.  The organisation of the golf day had now passed to Eddie Mulqueen, who with Colin’s help had done a very good job in his first time running the event.
    4 Lodges had become Grand Patrons, donating £2000 and their names would appear on the board in the lounge, those Lodges being – Petersham, Bargate, Edward Alleyn and Richard Earl of Shannon (Stewards Lodge).  It was very encouraging to see Edward Alleyn Lodge as they had not donated in the past.
    Social Media would form a big part of communication going forwards, however, this would present its own problems, as not everyone would be active.  The FOSC web site will be regularly updated and to this end the Committee had appointed a Social Media Officer, to ensure this is all actioned.
    A big thank you to Bill Pennington and Rose Dibble for their support in visiting the residents each week and the contribution they make.
    In his absence, the Chairman welcomed the new Home Manager and acknowledged that Carl has a lot of ideas which can only be a positive thing for the home.  We would now work hard to build a close working relationship with Carl and it was nice to hear from his report, that he was looking forwards to us working together.
    The revisited Residents and Relatives meeting was proving to be a good source of communication, which again has to be a positive step in the right direction.
    One of the residents – Jim Humphries, was due to receive the Legion D’Honneur for his services during the 2nd World War and this would also be recognised at the Garden Party, although it did need a member of the French Consulate to present this medal to him.
    Thanks were also given to John and Maggie Reuther, who regularly support Shannon Court and it was good to see them here again, and also Mark Lloyd of the RMBI.
    The Chairman also reiterated that Mike Falkner would be sadly missed and would be irreplaceable.
  9. Election of Officers
    Mike Yalden proposed en-bloc the Election of the following Officers to the Committee, duly seconded by Yvonne Budd.  This was approved by those present.


Incumbent or continuing Proposed
Chairman W.Bro. Mike Robinson
Deputy Chairman W.Bro. Mike Falkner – Deceased W.Bro. Colin Bryson
Treasurer W.Bro. Colin Bryson W.Bro. John Stimpson
Secretary W.Bro Robin Ilott
Membership Secretary W.Bro. Tony Mallard W.Bro Doug Fowler
Hampshire and IOW W.Bro Adrian Bean
Home Liaison W.Bro Bill Pennington
Lodge Visits & Presentations W.Bro. Angus Cameron
Garden Party Organiser W.Bro Andy Neill
300 Club W.Bro. Colin Campbell W.Bro. Stuart Wildman
Database Manager VACANT Bro. Ian Curtis
Bordon Centre Liaison VACANT W.Bro. Ian Greenep
Golf Day Organiser W.Bro. Colin Bryson W.Bro. Eddie Mulqueen
Social Media VACANT W.Bro. Ian Newell
10. Election of Examiners.
It was agreed that as John Stimpson was a qualified accountant, that a second examiner would not be required and therefore only one was proposed by Mike Robinson, seconded by Robin Ilott and approved by those present.



2016/17 Proposed 2017/2018
Examiner of accounts John Stimpson
Examiner of accounts Richard Floyd Richard Floyd
11. Any Other Business.
Andy Neill rose to thank Tracy Ilott, Rose Dibble and Janet Yalden for everything they had done during the past 12 months.
John Reuther introduced himself and advised those present that the RMBI was now known as RMBI Care.
In the past there had been 4 meetings per year of the RMBI Council, however, only 18 members had attended owing to the MCF merger and this had now ceased.
Lord Harris Court was due to undergo a complete redevelopment, bringing the home up to date and improving standards.  The intention is to turn it into a village complex, whereupon a new home was being built in the centre, so the reach the home it would be necessary to go through the grounds of the newly formed complex.
Harwood Court was also being looked into, as having been built in 1851 for “Ancient and Decrepit” Masons, there were now only 6 families left at the home and the long term future had to be looked into.
Likewise, Barford court now only had some 30 residents and was also under consideration.
It had been highlighted that although there are 17 RMBI Care homes within the Country, there was little coverage in Nottingham, Derbyshire, Bristol and Shropshire.  There were 5 major developments being considered which ultimately would have serious financial implications.
Lord Harris Court’s Manager had resigned and Cindy Alland had taken on the holding role.  Cindy being well known to Shannon Court, as having held the holding role here previously.
The Chairman thanked all those who attended the Annual General Meeting, and declared the meeting closed @ 12.00pm. advising that light refreshments would be available following the meeting.
Robin Ilott FOSC Secretary
Signed ……………………
Date ……………


Agenda for next meeting.