Annual General Meeting


SUNDAY 1ST JUNE 2014 AT 11.30 AM

Committee members attending:-

W.Bro Gerald Phillips- Chairman –
W.Bro Trevor Sadler- Secretary
W.Bro Colin Bryson- Treasurer
Mrs Jenny Else – Home Liaison
W.Bro Mike Falkner – Social Visits
Ms. L. Giles – Home Manager

And in addition, Mrs Janet Yalden (Honorary Member), plus WBro Any Neill (Fundraising) and Mrs. Y. Budd (both attended to present their respective reports), plus some 25 FOSC subscribing members together with circa 25 Residents & Families were present.

The Chairman, W.Bro. Gerald Phillips welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1) The Secretary advised the meeting that the minutes of the AGM held on 02nd June, 2013 had been posted on the Shannon Court website & hard copies sent to all FOSC subscribing members – he further confirmed that no additions, corrections or alterations had been brought to his notice.

The Chairman put the minutes as recorded, to the meeting – they were proposed for adoption by V.W.Bro Mike Yalden, seconded by Mrs Yvonne Budd and duly confirmed by those FOSC members in attendance.

2) The Secretary confirmed that he was unaware of any matters arising from the minutes.

3) Apologies were received from:- The Provincial Grand Master of Surrey, W Bros John Edgecombe, Colin Campbell, Ray Seeley, Tony Mallard, Peter Vosser, Mrs Jan Rains.

4) The Treasurer presented his report – as attached.

The two Examiners, W. Bros Geoff Swann and John Switzer were in attendance & reported they had both found the accounts to be in good order and had no hesitation in recommending them for adoption by the meeting- they were then proposed for adoption by WBro Bill Pennington, seconded by Mrs Janet Yalden and duly confirmed by those FOSC members in attendance- the Chairman requested that a vote of thanks to the Treasurer and the Examiners be recorded in the minutes.

5) The Home Manager, Louise Giles presented her annual report.

6) Mrs. Yvonne Budd, who assists the home staff with activities, presented her report.

7) Unfortunately W.Bro Tony Mallard the acting Membership and Donations Secretary was not able to be present, however, he had prepared a report which the Secretary read out.

Mrs Janet Yalden raised the matter of increasing our FOSC membership numbers- points raised included:-

  • Need and deserve more subscribing FOSC members.
  • Note we have circa 550 Masons subscribing currently- which is not a huge percentage of local Masons.
  • There are, “on our doorstep”, circa 7000 Masons in Surrey plus 10,000 in Hampshire – so plenty of potential members.
  • Suggests we should target 1000 by next year if possible.
  • Face to face personal contact invariably more effective at recruiting.

The Chairman noted we are always actively seeking members, and in fact during the past few months W.Bro Angus Cameron has “got on board” and has reinvigorated our presentations to Lodges campaign, which is definitely raising “awareness”.

V.W.Bro Mike Yalden suggested that it may be a possibility to encourage our Provinces OV’s to raise both Shannon Court and James Terry Courts profiles on their Official visits to Lodges.

Mrs Jenny Else raised the need to ensure that all residents families receive information on the FOSC, including an application form, when they move into the home – LG noted that such documentation was already available and routinely passed on.

The Chairman noted that the 2019 Festival initiative is for the RMBI, so the Homes will undoubtedly be “high profile” for the next few years.

8) W.Bro. Andy Neil presented a brief Fundraising report – stating most areas had already been covered by other reports, so had little to add, other than reiterating that the Garden Party to be held 29 June and is on track for a successful day.

He also noted that for the first time, at the Garden Party, both Surrey and Hants Provincial Stewards will be “working together” for the benefit of all – amongst other tasks, they will jointly run a stall promoting FOSC Applications and the 300 Club.

Good number of Lodges are “once again” on board this year – please support this event, bring friends, relatives and other connections – the “more the merrier”.

9) W.Bro. Gerry Phillips presented his Chairman’s report- amongst matters he raised were:-

  • Friends Journal recently issued – has a number of interesting articles and information – we are aiming to publish 3 times a year.
  • FOSC continue to contribute in so many ways to the well being of our Residents, by running events, entertainment, celebrations, and just being here- “we are making a difference”.
  • There has been a number of changes and additions over the past year to the FOSC Executive, with old faces moving on, and fresh reinforcements bringing their talents in.
  • As always we intend to continue to strive positively forward, with the aim of benefiting our residents quality of life – in synergy with the Homes Staff and Management.

Thanks for input and support, especially to:-

  • The FOSC Executive new and old, and the extended Team.
  • Louise and her Team within the Home.
  • W.Bro Trevor Rains for his support and guidance, and the Province in
  • W.Bro David Else particularly for mentoring Andy Neil with the Garden
  • Our hard working team of volunteers and helpers including Bill P , Rose
    & Joyce A.
  • You the Residents, for giving us a purpose, as without you we would not be here.
  • My wife Heather- who always is there to support me.

10) Election of Officers:- The Chairman advised the meeting that in accordance with the FOSC Constitution those continuing in their existing Executive Officer do not need to be re-elected;-

Stepping Down

Secretary – W.Bro. Trevor Sadler
Membership Secretary – W.Bro Clive Newman
Social Events Officer – Lodge visits W.Bro. Mike Falkner

Incumbent & continuing 

Chairman – W.Bro Gerald Phillips
Deputy Chairman – Vacant
Home Liaison – Mrs Jennifer Else
Fund Raising – Vacant
Special Projects, WWW – Vacant


Deputy Chairman -W.Bro Mike Falkner
Treasurer – W.Bro Colin Bryson
Secretary – W.Bro Robin Ilott- (probationary year)
Membership Secretary – W.Bro Tony Mallard- (probationary year)
Hampshire and IOW – W.Bro Peter Vosser- (probationary year)
Social Events Officer- Lodge visits – W.Bro Angus Cameron- (probationary year)
Fundraising – W.Bro Andy Neil (probationary year)
Special Projects, WWW – W.Bro. Clive Newman
300 Club – W.Bro Colin Campbell

W.Bro David Else proposed and Mrs Janet Yalden seconded that all the persons nominated (as above table) be duly elected en-block- there being no other nominations, the proposition was put to the meeting, and it was duly confirmed by a show of hands, of those FOSC Association members present.

The Chairman gave a short address in tribute to six years of service to the FOSC cause by W.Bro Trevor Sadler, who has recently been appointed Provincial Grand Secretary of the Surrey Mark Masons. Trevor was presented with a small gift of appreciation.

11) Election of Examiners:

The Chairman advised that the two current Examiners have agreed to be nominated and
serve as Examiners for the ensuing year:-

W.Bro. Trevor Sadler proposed and W.Bro Mike Falkner seconded that W. Bro’s Geoff Swann of St. Andrews Lodge 1046- and John Switzer of Oak Tree Lodge 9408 be re-elected.

There being no other nominations, the proposition was put to the meeting, and both were duly confirmed by a show of hands, of those FOSC Association members present.

11a) W.Bro Richard Atkins- on behalf of all the Residents- expressed sincere and grateful thanks to all those active FOSC members, for their sterling work & effort in supporting the Residents.

He wished to acknowledge publicly that the FOSC enable fabulous opportunities to improve the Residents “quality of life” in a multitude of ways. The many Organised Events, trips & provision of equipment etc, superbly compliments the Care and Facilities that this fine RMBI Home can offer- the FOSC input is very much appreciated.

12) Any Other Business.

Mrs Janet Yalden informed those present on the “History” and reasoning behind the wearing of the Pink Purslane FOSC lapel badges- was seeds inadvertently brought over to the area, “in trouser turn-ups”, from overseas by troops during the First & Second WW’s.

W.Bro Trevor Rains thanked the FOSC Committee, on behalf of the Province, for their continued successful, focused, effective and productive efforts. He noted that the Surrey OV’s would be well briefed concerning the Homes as part of the 5 year RMBI Festival, and each OV will be actively encouraged to personally visit either or both Homes, and in turn to encourage their Lodges during Official Visits.

Concerning FOSC memberships he pointed out that “life is full of good intentions”, and recommended a focused and persistent approach be employed to ensure “delivery” by consistent reminding and at times badgering.

He suggested if all Masons in attendance checked out their own Lodge members were FOSC members, likely a good few would be “lapsed”, and a gentle reminder might easily re-capture them.

Finally he thanked Louise and her Team for their input into the well-being of our residents who after all are the focus of “what we are about”.

The Chairman thanked all those who attended the Annual General Meeting, and declared the meeting closed at 12.25pm. advising that light refreshments would be available following the meeting.

Print a copy.

AGM MINUTES – 01 June 2014

Agenda for next meeting.